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Travel Times Magazine is an exclusive top of the line travel magazine that gets circulated only to the potential travelers throughout the continental USA. We work with one basic objective in mind - "To bring Travel Industry and Travelers closer than ever before".

If you are a part of the Travel Industry, Airlines, Cruise, Travel Agent, Hotel, Resort, Theme Parks, Travel Insurance, Car Rental, Limo Operator, Vacation operator, or any way related to Travel Industry, There is no better choice than Travel Times Magazine to promote your business to the right segment of audience.

Who else can advertise with Travel Times Magazine?

Our target audience are not only the potential travelers, but they are also the ones with high income potential. If your business targets buyers with high income potential, Travel Times Magazine is your best choice to take your product and service right to your potential customers.

Why Advertise with Travel Times Magazine?

  • Over 125,000 copies are printed and circulated every month to selected audience throughout the continental USA. Leading readers research proves, on an average every interesting magazine is read by 3 readers, which brings our reach over 375,000 readers.

  • Eminent placement of your advertisements in the magazine gets the most exposure.

  • Travel Times Magazine is printed with Full Color High Quality Print on Extra Firm 80# Gloss Text or better paper, which gives the print an elegant look. Who can simply throw away a magazine of this good quality?

  • Our policy to not have more than one advertisement on each page maximizes the exposure.

  • With the high quality contents and high resolution images Travel Times magazine gets passed around the friends and families of our subscribers, which increases the number of readers per printed issue considerably.

  • With unbeatably competitive pricing, There is no better choice for your advertising needs other than Travel Times Magazine

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