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Our Mission

Travel Times Magazine is the best of it's kind Travel Magazine that brings the Travel Industry and the Travelers closer than ever before by the top quality world-wide destination articles, travel suggestions, destination history and much more for the target audience including the potential travelers.

Our mission is to bring most in-depth information about destinations around the globe to our readers to help them make a better decision on their next vacation planning. Studies showed that most of the frequent travelers visited the same vacation destination more than once because they were not aware of the vacation spots on the other side of the globe. That's why we came up with this highly informative magazine that will introduce our readers to a lot more vacation and travel destinations, so they never run out of options.

There is never an end to the travel and we decided to play a major role in connecting our readers with several Georgiou's, Historic and Adventurous destinations around the globe and facilitate our advertisers to take their great product service straight to our target audience. Our readers love it because, we do all the research about the destination and provide our readers with just what they want to know.

Our business model is very simple - "Say What You Do and Do What You Say". In our business model, there is no hidden strings, no games and no false promises. That's what keeps us on the top of the competition. What ever we say, we do it. This keeps our Sponsors and Advertisers with us for ever.

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